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The Kraft Heinz Company KHC, commonly known as Kraft Heinz, is an American food company formed by the merger of Kraft Foods and Heinz and is co-headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Kraft Heinz is the third-largest food and beverage company in North America and the fifth-largest in the world with $25.0 billion in annual sales as of 2019.

Paul R. La Monica, a digital correspondent  for  CNN Business pointed out the main problems in Kraft Heinz: “The company has faced a host of challenges that Patricio is trying to address, including accounting issues, a stale product lineup after years of cost-cutting and challenges from other food companies who have latched on to hot trends like plant-based proteins and organic food”


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Current Employee - Category Manager says

"Company is focused on cost cutting and follows the 3G playbook fully. Does not value its employees, they are treated like an expense line in the P&L and eventually you will be cut and out the door since they can find someone younger and cheaper. KHC is a circus and you have to firefight daily. Young, incompetent, inexperienced individuals at all levels of the organization (due to cost cuts). Senior leadership is there due to a relation to the 3G family and they are immune to poor performance."

Current Employee - Finance Manager says

"The company is run by people who neither understand nor want to understand the business. Management is lost and leaders have little to no empathy or leadership skills. The finance function in general is disorganized and fraught with adverse objectives. HR acts with a complete lack of ethics or morality and needs a complete revamp. If you're a new hire I recommend getting your promotion and moving on."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"People are more worried about the next round of layoffs or the company going bankrupt than actually focusing on there job. The place is a revolving door and has kids calling on head office accounts. Sorry but twenty year old inexperienced account managers aren’t going to help the company hit there volume. They just don’t have the experience and respect from the customers. Virtually impossible to get a merit increase. If your planning on climbing the corporate ladder you will get your pay increase with each promotion but if you live remotely you will likely be stuck with the same pay for as long as you stay at Kraft Heinz. Every year an extremely small percentage of people from each department will get a merit increase but this is as likely as winning the Lottery. Other companies are adapting to consumer shopping trends and shopping more health conscious, Not sure why Kraft Heinz isn’t. The one thing Kraft Heinz can control is the work culture but they won’t change it. Guarantee if they can change the culture people will stay, will be happier and this will help the bottom line."

Former Employee - Senior Finance Manager says

"Thanks for your feedback. We are taking actions to ensure our culture of Meritocracy is followed throughout the organization. This includes People Manager training and other initiatives. It also includes balancing our employees’ need to grow with the needs of the business to have people in their roles long enough to ensure continuity. Our roster of brands continues to evolve, with a number of products that are No-No-No – no artificial colours, no artificial flavours and no preservatives, such as Kraft Dinner. There is also an organic version of our iconic Heinz Ketchup. Our Consumer Closeness program puts consumers first so that Kraft Heinz is well positioned to anticipate the needs of consumers in a rapidly changing food landscape. -- Alexandra"

Former Employee - Sales Manager says

"Management treats you like crap No professionalism from management internally and externally infront of customers. It is embarassing to see occur infront of retailers. Long hours No office supplies Lots of turnover ... more than 40% in a year Metocracy is a lie when team does not like you due to poor managers"

Current Employee - Marketing says

"Oh, this is not good. I totally value your feedback and it is disappointing that you are disappointed. We are always improving and I hope your job gets better for you. - Elizabeth"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Thanks for your note. This feedback is deeply concerning as an organization and we take these matters very seriously. Behavior of this kind will not be tolerated and is below the standards of what we expect of leaders of our company. This does not in any way represent who we are as an organization, what we stand for, or what we expect of our team. We strive to champion diversity and to be inclusive of all individuals. We encourage you to contact our Ethics & Compliance Hotline (1.866.313.9182 or anonymously to share more information about this issue so we can investigate this further."

Current Employee - Sales says

"Brazilian bosses, reporting doesn’t work, unrealistic targets, cost cutting, salary reductions, shrinking business, terrible culture"

Current Employee - Planning says

"the list could be long from the crazy hours that you will do to working with incompetent people. if you're ambitious and has no social life, this company is for you and be ready to repeat "Yes we can!", you might succeed for sure... or burn yourself out..."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"This company sucks the life out of people. I worked here for almost 9 years and have seen what use to be a great company turn into one of the worst demoralizing experiences of my life. I would not consider myself to be someone who is very very old but at the age of 38 I was considered to be one of the older employees. The goal of the company is to hire 25 year olds who do not have families or a spouse and have them work as many hours as humanly possible. You are shamed if you leave before 6pm and considered not adhering to the 'Culture'. It is like being part of a cult as you are to take part in the company battle cry after every meeting, wear clothes with company branding, you do what ever management tells you or fear of loosing your job. I am so happy I left as I have greater peace now."

Material Handler (Former Employee) says

"Don’t work here . I promise you they lie about overtime management is the worst there rude asf . Don’t waist your time at this company it’s. Joke ...35 min breakCold, rude people, low pay, work everyday"

Slicer Operator (Former Employee) says

"Good job for kids to make money to goto college. Other manufacturing jobs pay more money. if your looking for longevity I would say go back to school. Good pay"

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"This is by far the most unorganized, unprofessional place you will ever work! They care zero for their employees. Treat them like slaves! Only care about how much product they produce and give zero attention to quality and anything else. They have less than qualified management and upper staff because they simple will not pay people who are qualified to actually do the job! It’s a serious BIG JOKE!NoneEverything"

Placer (Former Employee) says

"The management doesn’t care about the employees. IE I went to work sick and told them I wasn’t feeling good and they say you have to stay, but they sent someone home for looking pale... btw I had pink eye and they refused to send me home and I couldn’t call in because I would of lost my job. In hindsight I would of never worked here and the people on the lines don’t care about other employeesMoney was goodManagement, short breaks, always cold"

Lunchables Placer (Former Employee) says

"I've wasted 5 years of my life working here. The only reason why I was working here is because I needed an income. I can go into detail on what practices they do to get rid of people. Management has no respect for their employees and they are treated like pack mules. This plant is going downhill extremely fast. They can't keep people because employees are not motivated to stay. This company's golden years are gone forever. All this place does is cut, cut, cut. I would personally fell sorry for any of my friends who lost their job if this place shuts down. Any job seeker reading this review, my advice is to you is DO NOT WORK OR APPLY HERE. Your work will not be valued. This place is not worth watching your mental health suffer. Forced overtime is also a problem and this plant is not a family-friendly companyUnion benefits. Creating new friendsI can name an endless list"

Technical Team Lead (Former Employee) says

"would never tell anyone to work there. Supervision is a joke. Thry only care about upper management and not the people on the floor working their butts off. If you go to hr with an issue its like trying to find bigfoot. Thry are never there and if they are they say they will help but when you leave they sweep everything under the rug. Terrible place....Just the employees on the floor.everything... supervision, hr, and upper management only care for themselves. They keep taking everything away from employees."

Payroll Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Unfortunately, this company does not want to invest one cent into their employees. Even for an employee who has been with the company for over ten years. After the pandemic, it appears the company is unstable and not worth putting in the work because there will be no reward. I mean that literally. Having to go through loops and the run around to receive a paycheck that was owed to me. It should not take a company a month to pay their employees. It should not take a company under a union a month to pay their employees. Along with the fact the union is under investigation for fraud. It pains me that hard work and dedication means nothing anymore.Unreliable"

Factory worker (Former Employee) says

"They obviously don't hire older workers regardless of how well qualified they are for the job posted. Hiring practice is questionable questionable"

Channel Lead (Former Employee) says

"Some young managers promoted into roles that they do not fully understand the business landscape. This then drives lots of repetition and frustration, leading to good people leavingLots of chnage due to high turnoverLong hours and poor culture"

Sales (Former Employee) says

"-Very argumentative work place. Worried about personal goals instead of corporate goals. -Great corporate message but not illustrated on any form of management level(they say the do it but do not actually do it) -Very high turn over due to individuals put into leader roles with limited or no CPG or customer experience. - Free beer and pizza if you make the month which is not bad. -Very reactive rather than proactive. - Survival of the fittest. -Compensation is not fair market value. -Workplace bullying and harassment (verbally and emotionally) is constant in all dept's. and at all levels. Even stated at an leadership level to teams."

Clean skin (Current Employee) says

"They are a slave labor company & discriminate. 1st shift is suppose to be 6:30 to 3:30. They will fire you for job abandonment or take penalize you with points if you cant stay until they tell you to leave. Which has been up to 14 hrs."

Training Manager (Former Employee) says

"Hypocrisy is the norm, horrible culture, company, work environment. Job performance based on who you, um... do favors for. Hilarious that they are all over LinkedIn with a “can do” America during the pandemic, when they cut 30% of their workforce."

repositor de mercadorias (Former Employee) says

"Muito ruim mesmo não mesmo muito ruim não passa no teste."

IT Technician (Former Employee) says

"This was the absolute worst experience I have had as an employee in my professional career as an IT technician. Not only is the company morale in the toilet, the entire place is literally falling apart. There is no infrastructure and the Union Vs Non-Union Vs Contractor office politics is abhorrent. I literally couldn't do my job due to lack of resources, budget or understanding of the modern era. It was like stepping back into 1990. The tech was decrepit and they were desperate to limp the most ancient of hardware along even though there was no support at all for it. Programs were out of date, no one had a laptop above ten years old. I had people banging on my door day in and day out demanding miracles. I was the only tech for the entire campus that was literally coming apart at the seams. I have never hated my life so much as I did in my six months on the job. I felt disrespected, unappreciated and hated every hour I was there. Everyone around me was miserable and the turn over was so bad you didn't want to get to know anyone least they be gone in a week. I didn't even know who I was reporting to for a month, and had no idea what my schedule was meant to be. If you are thinking about a career here, trust me you are better picking up trash on the roadside. I quit on the spot after I came back from my honeymoon to find my office in shambles from my 'temp' replacement who had told everyone I wasn't coming back. I was happier unemployed and hungry for two months finding a different job than I ever was working for the ungrateful pile of slime that runs KraftHeinz."

Forklift Operator (Former Employee) says

"Get ready to be used for the Company to be successful and then abruptly close the plant down and re-locate for cheaper labor while performing jobs that you helped create and maintain!"

PACKER/BOX ROOM ATTENDANT (Former Employee) says

"This is not the best company to work for. But overall not the worst company either. It’s pretty decent. You did get yearly raises. Yearly bonuses. But you gone have favoritisms every where. But the pay was fairly to all the employees. The distance were jut a problem."

Catalyst Production Clerk (Current Employee) says

"Working long hours and days they don’t care that you have a family you can go in at 5:30 and get off at 7 at night more then one day a week you will do more then one job daily"

Customer Category Manager (Former Employee) says

"Company went downhill after merger with Heinz. Was asked to do unethical things to jeopardize the relationships I had spent years building. Company is more focused towards younger generation to save in salary for more experienced professionals"

Food Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"If you work for this company and you get hurt and it isn't your fault they will fire you and they also say that you falsify reports that you never even gotten to see or write and this company also doesn't let you see tapes from something that hits you"


"Here is a short breakdown of things. -Stressfull -Lots of liars and backstabbers -turn over is high -Work load increases and your expected to do it -Overall the problems keep growing."

Billie says

"Why did they quit making Minute Tapioca??? In the recent past they quit making fat free Miracle Whip, fat free cheese and low fat cheese. I keep finding new reasons to stop buying any of the products associated with the company, including coffee, ETC. this all started Kraft was bought by Heinz."

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